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Member Benefits

  • Our high quality lectures are delivered by a range of specialist speakers on a variety of garden topics, and occasional conferences or workshops on subjects of current conservation importance.
  • You will learn about the history of gardens in Gloucestershire, and assist in researching and recording individual sites.
  • We visit a wide range of gardens of historic interest in the county, and visit houses and gardens not normally open to the public.

What Membership includes

Research: Take part and help our research team discover more about the history of Gloucestershire gardens, and add to local and national registers of listed gardens. (This is only if you want to take part to this level).

Other Garden Trusts: We liaise with local Councils, Historic England and the The Gardens Trust in connection with planning and garden conservation matters.

Newsletter / Journal: Receive a high quality colour-illustrated newsletter sent three times a year.

GGLT Committee: View committee meeting agendas and minutes. View AGM agendas and minutes.  Keep up-to-date on local planning applications GGLT has been involved with.

Library: Help us develop a library and archive relating to gardens of interest within the county.  We assist in the listing of additional important gardens on the National Register, and in the compilation of a local register.

Be involved: Assist in developing links with schools to promote an interest in gardens and garden history.

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Lifetime Membership

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